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Dear Abby: Family's Disapproval Stops Woman From Opening Up

DEAR ABBY: I'm a pansexual female and open about it with my friend and also my brother. The rest of my family is super Christian. I tried to bring up the "gay" word, but they're all against it and have strong opinions about the subject.

I just want to feel accepted for who I am, and not keep anything from them. I need your opinion on when I should tell them -- or should I just not tell them at all? Your help would be appreciated. -- PANSEXUAL IN THE USA

DEAR PANSEXUAL: According to Wikipedia, the definition of pansexuality is "the sexual, romantic or emotional attraction toward people regardless of their sex or gender identity." While it may be empowering for you to disclose this information, it should be clear to you that your family -- with the exception of your brother -- is not open to hearing it. Respect that.

However, you are free to live your life, so live it and be happy. You do not need their approval and you shouldn't let their approval -- or lack thereof -- affect how you live.

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