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Lucy ([personal profile] cereta) wrote in [community profile] agonyaunt2017-04-28 07:16 am
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Dear Abby: I never thought it would happen to me...(Actually, Guest Ate the Food)

(Sorry, couldn't resist on the title.)

DEAR ABBY: I've been reading your column for years, but never thought I'd have to write to you. This year my aunt hosted a family dinner and did a wonderful job -- everything was delicious. There was only one problem. She was upset (everyone at the table could see it and feel the tension) because I ate "too much" meat and she didn't have enough for leftovers.

I did eat more than everyone else that night (doesn't happen often), but I say if the food is on the table, it's fair game. If you don't want people to eat it, don't serve it. I'm asking for an official ruling, please. -- OVERATE IN BUFFALO

DEAR OVERATE: A gracious host or hostess should not become upset if a guest eats the food that's presented. If the host or hostess doesn't want guests to polish off everything that has been prepared, the food should be plated in advance.

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