rosefox: a stethoscope on a manuscript (story hospital)
Rose Fox ([personal profile] rosefox) wrote in [community profile] agonyaunt2017-06-07 01:39 am

A writing advice blog to add to your blogroll

[personal profile] cereta graciously gave me permission to briefly and tastefully promote my writing advice blog here. It's called Story Hospital and the posts are usually much too long to share here in full as the community rules require. :)

Today I have a guest post up that was written by two autistic writers, Corey Alexander and Rose Lemberg, in response to the question "Can I be a good writer if I'm autistic?" (Spoiler: the answer is YES.) I hope you will take a look at the blog and especially at that post, and share them with anyone you know who might benefit from them. If you enjoy the blog you can follow it right here on DW at [syndicated profile] story_hospital_feed.

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